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January 1, 2015

I've been wanting to create a blog page on my site for some time, not only to share my thoughts, process, and to have a formal little nook to interact with you; but I also wanted to have a spot to show you the development of my material and myself as an artist. So thanks for visiting. I'm all about connectivity, especially in this business.  We all need it.  So please feel free to comment or reach out if you feel more comfortable.  I'm always around, a little busy so might be slow to respond, but you can email me at info@vanderocker.com



Right now I'm in Lake Tahoe with my family- the scenery is amazing but it is very cold for my recent California conditioning and way too crowded for my ski level!  I prefer to have nobody around- I'm not very comfortable on skis.  So yesterday and today I holed up in my room and began two new songs, one of which I'm really excited about. Let's see if it ends up on the menu when I get back to recording in a couple weeks!


For the moment, I'd just love to reflect on the year and express my gratitude for all that has taken place.  2014 was a serious challenge for me both on a personal and professional level. But the experiences I've had this year have seriously been incredible, and they're leading to more opportunities to create music, perform music, and get it heard!   My audience is growing, I'm getting to know some of you which feeds me like you wouldn't believe- you lovelies know who you are and you bring incredible amounts of sunshine into my life.  And the project is slowly but surely beginning to be able to support itself which is exciting and relieving.  I have a long ways to go but this process has been really, really interesting and really, really inspiring and elevating- even with it's crappy moments here and there, the journey is incredible.  I am also so grateful for my incredible family, that brings me so much love and support. I couldn't do any of it without them, they are my insides and just being near them is so nourishing- it's unbelievable. 


There is so much going on in the world, and we seem to be exposed to all the negative news- which there is plenty of.  But remember, a lot of good is happening as well.  We are a highly charged group of beings on a highly charged planet and it's so important to stay grounded and focused.  If the events in your community, home, or physical/spiritual/ emotional body make you feel sick, angry, or out of balance on any level.  Please give yourself the time, space, and permission to nurture yourself.  If you feel like you need to let out some crap- find a safe way to do it and definitely do it.  Don't hold it inside.  As one of my brilliant teachers once told me "If each person cared for himself, all would be cared for".  If you aren't being loved properly, so find a positive way to get the right kind of love.  If you aren't getting enough quiet time, playtime, social time, meditation, music, dance, good food, real conversation, creative time, fresh air, other people's stories, sleep, challenges, anything you ache for- do what you need to do to positively correct it.  Take good care of yourselves, set your good intentions for the coming year, and then get out there and live/become those good intentions.  I know it's easier said than done, but still important to say and at least remember to attempt regularly.  I guess I'm here as this friendly reminder today. Thanks for putting up with me.  Didn't mean to get on a soapbox. :)


What I wish for you in 2015- Love, Laughter, PEACE, Good Health, Happy Spirit, Adventure, Connectivity, Great Music, Great Dance, Great Kisses and Lovemaking, Opulence, Abundance, Patience, Joy, Love, Positive Transformation, Protection, Clarity, Teachability, Expression, Good Friends and Family, New Friends, Gratitude, Generosity, Open Minds, Creativity, Love, Surrender, Empowerment, Self Realization, Forgiveness, Magic and Whimsy, Truth, Love, Courage, Humor, Love, Love, Love, Love, and Love!


I might have left out a couple, so if you think of something else you wish for this year, please add onto it!


Much gratitude and love (again), and be well! 


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