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VANDEROCKER is currently in the studio recording not one, but two very different new EP's. The guest producers are soon to be revealed, and have worked with some of our favorite artists in desert rock, grunge, and alternative folk. Needless to say, we are very excited to show you what we are up to. Please stay tuned as we will drop hints and sneak listens on our social feeds along the way.  

 VDR_POint Defiance_peachy.png

What's New


the title track off  Vanderocker's latest LP, has a glorious new music video that has just dropped.

A period piece with candy colors swimming among the muted hues of American 1960's  feminine conformity. These chicks are being confronted by the burst of freedom only a guitar can provide.

VDR_CreatureStills 2019-05-21 at 5.19.57

CREATURE OF HABIT, also has a new music video. Trippy, campy, weird, experimental, avant-garde, running rampant in a psychedelic playhouse. This baby is not for those with prudish or overly serious personalities.

Have fun dammit

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